Friday, 25 July 2014


I am so excited to share with all of you my findings at this thrift store known as NEW2U. It is an amazing shopping experience for me and it is set up by SCWO (Singapore council of Women's Organisations) where the money I paid for my items will be donated for a good cause. I have always wanted to make a trip down there as I have heard of many good reviews from bloggers and finally, I managed to get there by myself from Bugis using google map. I went there on a Tuesday which means that there will be 50% off for all students!:)

The moment I get there, they have a few racks of items being organised really neatly where they sell preloved  items donated by others. The items that they are selling ranges from women's apparels, men's apparels, books, bags, games, shoes and even accessories! It was my first time doing thrift shopping and I am really glad that I have found NEW2U as their price range is really cheap and affordable! The lowest you can get is $1!!! OMG!! Can you imagine that? Some items are really in good condition and they even have branded items from Topshop and Forever 21!

At first, I was a little disappointed as I could not managed to find anything that I like. Furthermore, it was a scorching day and my bag was really heavy. I then decide to search through almost all the racks of clothings thoroughly since I have make my way here. After going through each and every piece of clothing's patiently from the rack, I managed to pick up 3 items which looks really brand new and I really like it!

Office wear black dress 
$4 $2

Pink dress with peter pan collar from one of the blogshop named, thescarletroom.
$4 $2

Best buy of the day! Floral long skirt which is my favourite
$8 $4

Total amount I paid after discount: $8

The saddest thing about my purchase is that both dress can't really fit me well and  the pink dress just looks weird on me. Therefore it is better to try it on before making any impulse buy. Nonetheless, it was a great and fun experience for me!:D

Tips to know before you go for thrift shopping:

-Devote your time to search each and every corner of the racks
-Bring a tote bag/ recycle bag to store your purchase
-Do not be afraid to try on the clothings to make sure that it fits you!
-Wear something light and simple to make you feel more comfortable
-Check the items really throughly for any holes/stains before buying the items
-If you really like that clothing that you pick up so much but there is like a missing button or minimal damage that you can mend without much effort, get it!
-Lastly, buy what you need only!:)

96 Waterloo St, Singapore 187967

Opening hours
Mon - Fri: 10.30am - 2.30pm

For more info, head over to their website @

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